Strawberry Elan F1

Strawberries have been a favorite treat for both children and adults for many years. One has only to decide on the variety ...


  • About the benefits of the variety
  • Care
  • Gardening tricks: mulch and stationary beds
  • Gardening Tricks: Mulch and Pyramid

About the benefits of the variety

The Elan F1 strawberry is a novelty of Dutch breeding. Thanks to long-term research after working on the data obtained, this strawberry variety was bred, which is distinguished by high resistance to diseases, improved taste, as well as increased productivity.

Another undoubted advantage of this strawberry variety is that it is able to bear fruit from the beginning of June until the coldest autumn days. On one bush of such strawberries there is a large number of mustaches and peduncles, dotted with large, sweet and fragrant berries, which can reach a weight of 30 g to 60 g.

The average yield is about 1.0-1.5 kg. And with proper care, up to 2.0 kg.

It is noteworthy that the Elan F1 strawberry bears fruit almost constantly, and retains its wonderful taste both in summer and in the autumn cold.


Another distinctive feature is the high frost resistance of such strawberries, and therefore it can be grown in a greenhouse and even in pots all year round. The best option for planting is about five to six bushes per square meter.

Elan F1 is completely unpretentious in maintenance, and therefore it standardly includes weeding, loosening the soil and, of course, watering. Periodically, you can treat the plant with special compounds that will prevent plant disease, as well as protect against pests. It will not be superfluous to fertilize the soil.

Gardening tricks: mulch and stationary beds

To avoid exhausting weeding and frequent watering, it is better to use soil mulching on the beds. When using roofing material, of course, the surface heating will be strong.

Therefore, you can spray the roofing material with a weak lime, or throw light sawdust or straw over it. Then at least within 4 years you will get rid of the invasion of weeds on Elan F1 and save your back.

Whiskers, which will bear fruit in the same year, direct directly over the coating. You can safely leave two sockets, they can not be rooted, they will also give a good harvest.

But organic mulch is still the best option. Before you start planting and mulching, prepare the garden bed itself. It is advisable that all your beds have a stationary place. It is not recommended to walk on stationary beds, then the land on them will gradually be structured, and will provide all plantings with air and soil moisture.

So that the edges of the beds do not "dance" every year, they are fixed with borders. For raised beds (which are simply necessary when groundwater is close), these can be bricks, natural stones, boards and trunks of young trees.

In the southern regions, where the raised beds dry out too quickly, beds are used flush with the ground, or slightly deepened in the form of a trench. In this case, plastic options are suitable for curbs, which are usually dug in along with the soil. You can also dig in iron sheets and bricks - it all depends on the owner's capabilities.

The width of the stationary beds is 80-100 cm. It is made wider less often, since it will be difficult to reach for the harvest with your hands and for processing. Passages should also be left wide so that boxes or trolleys can be carried. They can be planted with lawn grass, laid out with tiles, laid on cardboard, covered with gravel, and so on - in general, it is desirable to make them stationary as well.

For the first two years, when applying a layer of organic mulch, weeds will still germinate through it, but certainly not as massively as without mulch. Then, with the annual addition of the mulching layer, you will be spared weeding and associated sciatica, and the berry will be clean, not splashed.

Gardening Tricks: Mulch and Pyramid

Since Elan F1 belongs to the ampelous remontant varieties - it blooms and bears fruit on this year's outlets, the most convenient way to grow strawberries will be planting on a pyramid. Children and grandchildren, surrounding the pyramid, will never trample the plantings, and the hanging berry will be clean.

Containers, flowerpots and pots, displayed in a tiered way, of course, are also suitable for growing Elan F1, but kids can accidentally pull the bushes by the mustache, and your entire displayed ensemble will fall with a crash. Therefore, for planting, it is better to look at the pyramid or attach a tiered bed in the form of a ladder to the southern side of the barn.

Mulching the soil in longline plantings is simply necessary, because with each layer the soil will be drier. And to facilitate watering, you can carry out drip irrigation to the bushes.

The price for such an excellent variety is very acceptable and amounts to about 50-70 rubles per one bush. As a result, such bushes will not only delight with delicious berries, but also decorate a garden or balcony with dignity.

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