Pepper planting scheme

Pepper is a culture that requires special attention and care. During the growing season of vegetable peppers, it is important to fertilize the plant with liquid organic fertilizers.

For a good harvest, the chosen planting scheme for pepper is of great importance. Many vegetable growers, trying to solve the problem with a shortage of planting area, choose a scheme with a row spacing of 20-50 cm and a distance between plants in a row of 10 cm.As a result, it was noticed that the peppers are slightly late with the ripening of the crop, but the fruits are larger. If pepper seedlings are planted more densely, then fertilizing solutions are recommended to obtain a normal harvest. With this scheme, one should take into account the fact that it will be much more difficult to care for the grown pepper bushes.

There is also such a scheme for planting pepper, in which three young sprouts are planted in one large hole, previously flavored with ash. This scheme is most suitable for regions with hot climates and little rainfall, since the foliage of the plant creates shade and allows you to protect it from extreme heat. It is also recommended to lightly tap the pepper bushes with a stick during flowering, which is necessary for their better pollination.

As a rule, there are recommendations from breeders for each variety of sweet peppers, which are indicated on the package with the seeds. If you follow all the instructions exactly and choose the varieties that are most adapted to your climate, then the pepper will soon delight you with a juicy and aromatic harvest.

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