Apple tree of the Spartak variety, features of the variety, planting and care

The home apple tree is a fruit crop that is found throughout the globe, with the exception of areas with a tropical climate. The mention of the apple tree, which grew in the Garden of Eden, can be attributed to one of the earliest evidence that apple trees have been cultivated since time immemorial.

The number of varieties currently in existence simply cannot be counted. All of them have their pros and cons, it remains to get acquainted with the Spartak apple variety.


  • Apple-tree of the Spartak variety, description of the variety
  • Where and how to plant the Spartak apple tree
  • Caring for the Spartak apple tree after planting

Apple-tree of the Spartak variety, description of the variety

The appearance of the variety is associated with many years of selection work with fruit crops Kedrin Sergey Pavlovich. The scientist began to study seed crops back in 1934. And he ended his activity in 1978. The result of the work was the development of three dozen new varieties of apple and one variety of pears. Among the best varieties bred by Sergei Pavlovich are:

  • Zhigulevskoe
  • Kutuzovets
  • Kuibyshevskoe
  • Spartacus

The varieties of the selection of Kedrina S.P. are recommended for cultivation in many regions, this fully applies to the Spartak variety, the work on which took place in 1936. Work on the variety began with the selection of seedlings of the Sharopai variety; the Skryzhapel ordinary variety can be considered the second parental form. For the first time, the fruits of the Spartak variety were obtained in 1945.

The variety belongs to the autumn ripening apple trees, the harvest falls in mid-September. Fruits weighing 120.0 - 140.0 g, slightly flattened shape. The apples are light yellow with a blush. The blush color is an intense burgundy red. The taste of Spartak fruit is very pleasant, sweet, with a bright apple aroma. The seed nest is medium in size, the skin is thin and smooth. The pulp is tender, juicy. Table variety.

The tree itself is medium-tall, the color of the bark is brown, the leaf blades are green, wavy. Branches branch off at an acute angle and the crown needs mandatory formation. Winter hardiness and scab resistance are average. The term of entry into fruiting depends on the rootstock, in the case of grafting on the Zhigulevsky variety, it begins to bear fruit for 4 years.

The optimal shelf life for Spartak fruit is no more than two months. Although apples can be stored until March - April, however, they are losing their presentation. The variety is recommended for cultivation in the Volga region, but feels good in other places with similar climates and weather conditions.

Where and how to plant the Spartak apple tree

It is allowed to plant an apple tree in the autumn before the onset of winter frosts, but after the leaves fall, but the best time is still spring. If a seedling of the Spartak variety was purchased in the fall, it can be stored in a prikop until spring. In the spring, you need to focus on budding, planting an apple tree, preferably before they bloom, but after the soil warms up well.

Choose a place for an apple tree that is well lit, with a deep bed of groundwater. Before digging the planting hole, clear the site of weeds, stumps, stones.

The size of the pit is 90.0 - 100.0 cm wide, the depth of the pit should not be less than 60.0 cm. 1 - 2 buckets of a mixture of earth, compost, humus are poured onto the bottom of the pit. If a Spartak seedling with open roots, then they need to be straightened and spread over the entire surface. Seedlings with an earthen clod are easy to install in the pit. Many nurseries sell seedlings in containers. If there are no special instructions, then the apple tree is simply transferred into the pit.

In this case, it is important to monitor the root collar of the apple tree seedling. Its position should be 5 - 6 cm above ground level. The roots are covered with earth, the soil is periodically compacted during falling asleep. When all the roots are covered with soil, and the pit is filled up, the earth is finally rammed. In the near-trunk circle, a small hole is made for watering, and the seedling itself is fixed using a pre-installed wooden stake.

The harness should be loose, not preventing the seedling from settling down a little along with the settling earth. Apple tree seedling Spartak immediately after planting needs abundant watering. Pour about 20.0 liters of water into the prepared hole. After watering, the trunk circle is mulched with peat or compost. Success in growing the Spartak variety depends primarily on the quality of the seedling itself.

Purchase it in proven nurseries, with a good root system, root length up to 35 - 40 cm, seedling thickness in the trunk up to 2.0 - 2.5 cm.The number of branches is 1-3, their length is 40 - 50 cm, trunk height is about 80 , 0 - 90.0 cm. The seedling is one to two years old. For further growth, you need to properly organize the care and pruning of the apple tree.

Caring for the Spartak apple tree after planting

The main care in the first three years is reduced to:

  • to timely pruning
  • to watering
  • to weed control

During planting, if the seedling has branches, then only three main skeletal branches are left, they are shortened to three buds. All unnecessary and weak branches are removed. If the shoot does not branch, then it is also shortened to 3-5 buds. If there are branches, it is cut so that it is 20 - 25 cm longer than the branches.

In the next two years, formative pruning of second-order branches continues. All branches growing inward or at a wide angle to the trunk must be removed. During the first three years, the main formative pruning is completed.It is important for the apple tree in the first years of life to keep the trunk circle clean, it is necessary to remove weeds and plant debris several times per season.

Given the average winter hardiness of the Spartak apple variety, it is possible that the seedling will need protection from frost. If in winter the temperature drops below -15, then it is advisable in the first winters to mulch the soil under the apple tree with a layer of humus, and cover the seedling itself with spruce branches or mineral material. In all other respects, the variety is looked after in the same way as other apple trees of the autumn ripening period.

The video will show you how to care for apple trees before winter:

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