Growing evening primrose

Like all life on earth, plants also have your life cycle... One of night decorative flowersthat adorn our gardens is evening primrose or night candle... As soon as the last rays of the sun are extinguished, it blooms as quickly as if it was flashing from an invisible source of fire.

In some regions of our mainland, it grows like a weed, but many lovers of ornamental flora are happy to grow evening primrose at home, admiring it bright yellow poppy flowers, blooming when the rest of the plants fall asleep.

Growing evening primrose - it's not difficult. She is not too demanding on soil and space, although loves open areas more... This plant is resistant to frost and drought, except that in very cold winters it will need a little shelter. It's better not to overdo it with water, evening primrose is afraid of stagnant moisture... Plant it in an elevated location where melted snow or rainwater will not drain.

This culture multiplies by seeds, dividing the bush or vegetatively... You can transplant it at any time, it tolerates such procedures well. Evening primrose blooms all summer, and in the fall after flowering you can cut it at the root and cover with foliage.

Undersized varieties of this plant look great on alpine slides and other floristic compositions. Tall (up to 2 meters) it is better to plant in the background.

Watch the video: Evening primrose - grow and care (December 2021).