Planting tulips in spring

In the best way cultivation of bulbous plants is an autumn planting. During the wintering period in the cold ground under the snowdrifts, they manage to develop a strong root system... But what if they did not manage to land in the fall (they forgot, there was no time or for some other good reason)? Can tulips be planted in spring?

Experts say - you can. But you can hardly wait for flowers from them. Either it will not be at all, or very little. Yes, and you need to know how to store the bulbs so that they do not start sprouting at home with heating. In this case, many keep them in the refrigerator. If it is possible to bury the bulbs in winter, in a cold season, but without frost (otherwise you cannot reach the ground) and cover it with snow, then flowering is still possible. It is important to the plant had at least five weeks of wintering.

You can also put them in boxes ahead of time and take them outside (while it's cold), and in the spring plant them together with these boxes (or other container that you will use). it will help keep the rhizome still weak.

Another tip for the occasion. When the tulips have already faded and the greenery has also withered, it is better to dig them up, dry them and put them in a dark place before the onset of autumn. If this is not done, the culture degenerates. There are fewer flowers, they become smaller.

The bottom line of our topic is this: of course, you can plant tulips in the spring, but it will only be intermediate stage and they will bloom normally only after a year. Please be patient next time do everything as expected. Then the plant will answer you with its love, blooming with bright colors in the garden or vegetable garden.

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