Growing tagetes, or marigolds

A bright, "sunny" flower called tagetes, also referred to as marigolds or chernobryvtsy, will become a decoration of any personal plot, city flower bed or even a balcony. This plant is not only extremely attractive in aesthetic terms, but is also very useful, since its strong peculiar smell scares off many garden pests, in particular, aphids. In addition, growing tagetes is a more than simple process and even the most experienced florist will be able to do it.

The only thing that this plant is very demanding for is warmth, therefore cultivation of tagetes in open ground, you can start only after establishing a sufficiently high air temperature. As a rule, marigolds are planted no earlier than June 10. All varieties of Chernobryvts grow quite quickly and bloom soon after planting, forming dense thickets, decorated with bright yellowish-orange, sometimes with a red tint, flowers. At the same time, the flowering of tagetes continues until late autumn. By the way, in order to prolong flowering and make it abundant, it is necessary to immediately cut or pick off wilted flowers, instead of which new ones are quickly formed.

Marigold practically do not require any maintenance... If you plant the plants in an open sunny area and do not forget to water regularly, they will delight you with abundant flowering. If the tagetes do not take root well, look lethargic and stunted, they should feed with special fertilizer, which can be purchased in literally every flower shop.

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