When is it correct to sow asters for seedlings?

If you are interested in what when to sow asters for seedlings, then first you need to understand in more detail with these colors. So, they need sunny places that are protected from wind and draft.

As for the soil, the soil should be light, breathable, fertile and well-drained. If the soil mixture is acidic or too dense, the aster can develop a fungal disease such as fusarium.

By the way, it is because of this that it is not recommended to plant any types of asters after tulips, carnations and gladioli. Growing asters will be successful in flower beds and areas where marigolds, calendula or perennial grasses used to grow.

Caring for asters

Asters growing which cannot be called complex, are represented by various varieties. In particular, dwarf and giant plants can be found. In addition, flowers may differ in the degree of their "doubleness".

Landing an aster in open ground, it is carried out either in late autumn or in early May. If you are going to grow seedlings, then you need to plant seeds already at the beginning of April.

The flower is propagated by seeds, dividing the bush and cuttings. Therefore, you can independently choose the most convenient and familiar way for yourself.

Fertilize asters during the entire growing period, as well as before planting. In terms of watering, these flowers are considered drought tolerant. But do not forget that you need to take a responsible attitude to the set of buds. At this time, the asters need regular watering. Otherwise, flowering may not be as abundant.

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