How to grow rosemary from seeds at home

The name rosemary (in Latin "sea dew") is not given by chance. In his homeland - in the Mediterranean - an evergreen shrub grows on the seashore, and how to grow rosemary from seeds at home?

Rosemary is propagated by seeds, cuttings, layering and dividing the bush. Nut seeds can be stored in paper bags without losing their viability for up to 3 years. Before sowing, no special treatment is required, they germinate at +12 +20 degrees. They sprout well when sown in a mixture of peat and gravel (1: 1) in a greenhouse. Surface sowing, planting depth up to 0.4 cm.

Seeds are sown for seedlings in early March and wait patiently. Seedlings appear just a month later... Then the sprouts dive into pots 6 by 6 cm. In the south, seedlings are planted in open ground according to the 50 by 50 cm scheme. But more often rosemary is propagated by cuttings of annual shoots, the optimal harvesting period for which is September-October. With good care and sufficient nutritional area, seedlings grow throughout the year.

The operation of this long-lived shrub, growing for 20-25 years, begins from the third (sometimes from the second) year after planting. Flowering occurs in spring and summer, often blooms again - from early August to the onset of cold weather, and sometimes blooms in winter. Since rosemary is well adapted to the Mediterranean climate, it loves dry hot summers and wet cool winters, withstanding frosts only down to -16 degrees, lower temperatures are destructive for him. Very picky about light. In wet weather and shade, the content of essential oil in the leaves drops sharply. Dislikes excessively moist soils.

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