Proper care and reproduction of geraniums

Geranium is probably the most-most window-sill flower. Right care and reproduction of geranium will allow you to get plentifully blooming flowerpots of all kinds of colors.

Let's start with reproduction. There are a lot of varieties of geraniums. But it is best to grow it with the help cuttings... Cutting off strong healthy twigs into cuttings, you can get healthy offspring with preserved maternal properties. This procedure is best carried out in February-March... Then the plant has already rested from last year's flowering and is preparing for a new bright life. The cut off stalk is best placed in a container of water, waiting for the roots to appear. You can dig the stalk into the ground, cover it with a jar, thus creating a certain microclimate. In this case, you need to carefully monitor the seedling - it can rot. But, in principle, pelargonium reproduces very easily.

Care for geraniums is also not difficult. It is not whimsical to the soil, it can easily endure a short drought, but it is not necessary to allow stagnation of water - the plant may die. Pelargonium is also not demanding to light. she loves light shade, sunlight, and can survive shading.

There is one grandmother's secret. If you water pelargonium in a pan (!) With boiling water (!!!), then it will not grow in height, but will give just the same huge inflorescences. Maybe there is someone brave and will try to water pelargonium in this way? Good luck!

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