Apartment plants

Gloriosa rothschildiana


The Gloriosa rothschildiana belongs to the Liliaceae family and has origins in tropical Africa; It is a plant that can reach a height of about two meters, the branches are enveloping and branched. The leaves appear about twelve centimeters long, have a hook extension that the plant uses to attach itself to the supports. The flower instead has wavy edges and is yellow with crimson petals. It flowers at the axil of the upper leaves in the period between June and August. In greenhouses it is possible to obtain two blooms a year. As for the fruit, this looks like an elongated capsule that contains about ninety black seeds. The bulbous rhizomes on the surface are white - yellow, a couple of centimeters wide and reach 25 cm in length.

Crop requirements

The Gloriosa rothschildiana needs a sunny exposure in winter while during the summer it prefers the shady areas. The ideal temperature should not be less than 18 degrees during the growing season. Irrigation in spring must progressively increase, but must be suspended at the end of flowering. Give the plant a fertilizer diluted in the water of the waterings at regular intervals. The soil must consist largely of peat or sand.

Some parasites, including aphids, can attack the younger shoots and leaves of the glorious Rothschild, which tend to curl up when attacked. Parasites can be fought with hydroalcoholic solution of propolis.