Small bromeliad native to South America; develops long stiff and thick leaves, gathered in very dense and compact rosettes. Among the leaves there is a large inflorescence, typically bright pink, consisting of bracts of papyrus consistency, among which numerous small pink or purple flowers bloom within a few weeks. Let's grow these plants in a partially shady place, with a minimum temperature not below 10-12 ° C; containers that are not too capacious are used, filled with soil made up of pieces of bark, sphagnum and peat. The tillandsie do not like to have an excessively wet soil, when we water them we avoid to wet the soil, but we fill the cup that is formed between the leaves, from which the plant will draw all the moisture it needs. If grown in a very dry place, we periodically spray the entire plant with demineralized water. When the inflorescence tends to dry up we can remove it; if it is also drying the plant we will not throw it: most likely we will see at the base of the rosette being dried the development of new small rosettes of leaves.