Leafy plants

Leafy plants:

Plants with large leaves find ample space in the apartment thanks to their pleasantness throughout the year and the ease of cultivation. Most of these plants are in fact evergreen and have large decorative leaves, often variegated or spotted with white, pink or red. These plants should be placed in a well-lit place, where they can enjoy filtered light coming from a window for most of the day; they generally need quite small pots, with soft and well drained soil, which must be replaced when the roots are seen to come out of the pots placed under the container. Let us position them so that the foliage does not suffer frequent blows or beatings, due to the people passing by, or to the opening of doors and windows; in fact these blows lead to indelible marks on the foliage. The bruised or ruined leaves must be removed using well sharpened scissors, to avoid the development of fungal diseases. Because most of these plants come from places with a very humid climate, to obtain lush and healthy specimens it is essential to vaporize the foliage often, in order to increase the environmental humidity, which in the apartment is usually very low. We also periodically remember to clean the foliage, using a damp microfibre cloth, in fact the large leaves tend to accumulate dust, which may increase inhibit part of the photosynthesis, and obstruct the pores of the foliage.