Prune deciduous hedges

Prune deciduous hedges:

Most of the vegetables grow during the spring, but some, like cabbage or onions, grow best even during the winter. Towards the end of summer most vegetable plants tend to dry out, to maintain a healthy vegetable garden in autumn it is good to eradicate all dying or already dried plants, and work the soil where they were grown, adding organic fertilizer, of humus or granular slow release fertilizer. In the rich and well-worked soil we plant the vegetables that do not fear the cold, choosing the parts of our garden that are better sunny, or possibly sheltered from the wind and cold. In addition to growing plants outdoors during the cold months we can prepare small tunnel greenhouses, where to sow salad or aromatic plants to be used fresh throughout the year; we proceed by choosing a small plot of land, with a side no wider than 100-120 cm; we work the soil thoroughly and enrich it with fertilizer; we then plant the seeds or small plants that we have decided to cultivate. Then we place metal arches on the plot of land, at a distance of about 75-100 cm from each other; in this way we will obtain a long tunnel that we can cover with plastic film, or rather with the woven fabric, which will allow us to cultivate our plants in a climate protected from the most intense frost.