Snow Owl


These varieties of rugosa are distinguished by their large and very fragrant flowers. Continuous flowering from June to October, after flowering they fill with large and red decorative berries. Very robust foliage, similar to leather, medium height.
Rosa Rugosa - GUFO DELLA NEVE®
The dark green foliage emphasizes and intensifies the optical effect of the pure white of the flowers.

An undemanding rose

The snow owl rose is a ground cover rose, which forms a beautiful dense bush capable of giving intense blooms throughout the season. Classified as a rugosa rose, its leaves have a corrugated to the touch. It is a very rustic plant able to withstand very well both in the cold and in the summer heat.
The Rose snow owl it blooms in late spring-early summer and is re-flowering, guaranteeing beautiful flowers on its branches throughout the summer. The foliage of this rose is very dense and has a dark green color, which creates a pleasant contrast with the white of the petals.
The pure white flowers have a central area with yellow stamens and pistils. This plant can be used both as a ground cover and as a bush, since if left to grow it is capable of reaching 50-70 cm in height.
Besides being a very resistant and rustic rose, the snow owl is also appreciated for its compactness. It is in fact a variety that does not need great cultivation care if not a pruning of the dry and withered branches, which in any case tends to lose independently.


The snow owl fills with flowers towards the end of spring, and from May until October continues to produce beautiful white flowers with very white hues. These flowers turn into beautiful red berries in autumn, which give this plant a very special ornamental appearance for a few months.
To encourage the flowering of this rose, some operations are indispensable before May and further interventions during flowering are also very useful to ensure that the flowers last as long as possible.
Pruning and fertilizing are essential at the end of winter, to ensure that the vegetative growth is intense and lively. Later it will be useful, for the purpose of prolonging and improving the flowering, to supply liquid or granular fertilizer to the plants to ensure that the flowers have all the necessary nutrients to prolong their flowering to the maximum.

Snow Owl: How to plant the snow owl rose

If you want to buy a rugosa rose like this, you can contact a nursery or a website specialized in roses. After purchasing the plant, you will have to proceed with the construction of the hole, which should be about 1 and a half times the bread on the ground.
After making the hole, spread a layer of about 5 cm of soil rich in inert materials (lapillus - pumice stone - medioperlite) on the bottom to make sure that the soil structure is good and the water percolates optimally.
Once this is done, place the bread on the ground, making sure that the level of the plant's collar is in line with the soil, after which you can proceed with filling the hole and compacting the soil.