Diseases of the mahonia

Question: Diseases of the maony

I live in Asti, I write to you because I have a problem with the Monia that I just buried in the garden (in March), when it was planted it was beautiful and the leaves that were red (in winter) were already completely changing their color to green, though unfortunately lately the leaves are returning red and brown in patches, as I do in capiere if the problem is transitory and that is suffering
for the recent change of land or if he is dying ???? it is correct to prune the branches with dry leaves ??? Is it possible to help her in any way ???
What diseases does the Maonia suffer from ????

Diseases of the mahonia: Answer: Diseases of the maony

Dear Elena,
the Maonia is substantially sensitive to three diseases caused by fungi: Uropyxis sanguinea (leaf rust); Colletotrichum mahoniae (leaf spots); Oidium spp. (mal white). Her symptoms seem to describe advanced stages of the second pathology, the one caused by Colletotrichum mahoniae. First of all it is necessary to eliminate the dry and severely wasted parts. After the cut two treatments are performed
spaced 15 to 20 days apart from each other with a product based on the active ingredient Benomyl (commercial product Fitomyl at a dose of 10 grams per 10 liters).