Question: Azaleas

I bought an azalea plant.
I wanted to know, as a courtesy, how to cure it, where to keep it, whether at home or outside, the type of exposure to light, the type of soil, the fertilizers, the pruning, the optimal temperature ... It is so beautiful that I would be very sorry to see it die .

Azaleas: Answer: Azaleas

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Azaleas belong to the Ericaceae family and are slow-growing perennial shrubby type plants characterized by the need to have a soil with acidic characteristics and for this reason are also called "acidophilic plants".
Among the other peculiarities there is that which do not tolerate high summer temperatures and need abundant water availability, they do not tolerate too calcareous waters, therefore it would be ideal to use rainwater for watering.
Very important for the success of the cultivation is the maintenance of the acidity of the soil to prevent the plant from deteriorating and becoming "plucked" due to the fall and yellowing of the leaves, the ideal soil is that specific for acidophilic plants.
The worst enemies for azaleas are drought, spring frosts, cold winds and excessive insolation, they grow well in sheltered, semi-shady locations.
Azaleas do not need regular pruning. The young plants can be cimated, to favor the formation of branches; old and disordered plants, with the exception of grafted ones, can be pruned in spring, 30 cm from the ground level.
With regard to your question on the reproduction of these plants, you can act in various ways: by cutting, sowing, or offshoots.